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This page of the IGN Far Cry 6 guide contains a complete walkthrough of the Esperanza mission (and the final mission in the game); The Battle Of Esperanza.


NOTE: This mission unlocks after completing The Lion’s Den.

The Battle Of Esperanza

LOADOUT RECOMMENDATIONS: For this Operation, we had Oluso as our Amigo, and used the SSGP-58 with Armor Piercing Rounds and a Suppressor, the RMS-18 with a Suppressor and Buckshot Rounds, the La Sorpresa or La Varita Resolver weapons, and the P226 pistol with Armor Piercing Rounds and a Suppressor. We used the Triador Supremo, although the Medico is also very useful, as there are many enemies and they deal lots of damage. Bring EMP grenades for your Supremo, too, to handle turrets in the final stretch of the mission.

Talk To Juan

After completing The Lion’s Den, Dani will awaken on Isla Del Leon. Turn left and walk out to the next room to find a merchant bench, then turn right to reach the inner courtyard.

Here, you’ll find an upgrade bench and more. Head out to the outer courtyard to meet Juan.

Speak with him and he’ll talk for a while, then a cutscene will trigger, and The Battle For Esperanza will begin.

Travel With Juan To Esperanza

Reach The Torre Del Leon

Once you reach the ground, you’ll need to make it to the Torre Del Leon. Head up the stairs and you’ll find your first checkpoint.


Kill the guards out front, then take out the sniper on the walkway overlooking the checkpoint.

Once they are dead, head through the checkpoint and go through the gate on your left, then run up the stairs. Hop over the barbed wire fence to reach the next section.

Run to the end and turn left, then head through the door and run through the gated area until you reach the outside.

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Here, you’ll find the remnants of an old gas station with a blue smoke grenade and some Libertad guerrillas.

Go past them and hop over the roadblocks and take out the next group of soldiers. Snipers and rocket troops are on the upper levels, as well as unarmored troops on the bottom.

Use Oluso to clear the weak enemies and focus your fire on the tough ones, then continue down the alley on the left.

Activate Triador Supremo and use La Varita to kill the soldier sitting inside the tank, then kill the rocket soldiers ahead and on the scaffolding to the left.

Kill the rest of the enemies in the area, then run to the end of the road and turn left.

Head through the doors of the checkpoint to reach the other side. Turn right and you’ll see ladders, leading up some scaffolding on the building on the right.


Use them to climb up and cross the upper level of the building.

Veer left and head through the doorway, then turn right.

Head up the stairs on the right and jump across the gap, then head out the window and hop up on the crate to your left to reach the zipline.

Use the zipline to reach the second floor of the building across from you. Kill the guard, then jump down to reach ground level again.

Run across the street and enter through the gate, then turn right and head through the next gate to reach the street again, then turn left.

Follow the road as it bends to the right to reach Espada, who is pinned down by armored soldiers and a helicopter.

Take out the soldiers, then pull our your Sorpresa resolver weapon and kill the helicopter.

Once it’s down, head through the checkpoint, the last thing standing between you and the tower.


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Reach The Executive Elevator

Once you are on the other side, sprint for the tower and you’ll find the double doors of the entrance.

Go in and turn right, then follow the path as it bends around. You’ll soon reach a bank of elevators, so jump down into the open door on the left.

Look up to find a grapple point, then take it up to reach the second floor. At the top of the stairs, turn right, then follow that path around to the front of the tower.

Continue circling until you reach the elevator bank on the other side of the tower, killing the armored and unarmored guards on your way.

Hop into the open elevator bay on this side and look up, then use this grapple point to reach the third floor.

Exit and turn right, then follow the path around.

Headshot the soldiers through the wall just ahead of you, which includes a sniper and an unarmored officer, then turn right and use an EMP grenade to knock out the turret around the corner.

File:Far Cry 6 - Walkthrough - Part 56 - 32.png


Shoot the sniper out on the ledge along the path, then keep circling around. Take out the armored guards, then turn around the corner to the left.

Circle towards the center and you’ll reach the executive elevator. Hit the switch to open the door, then head inside to trigger a cutscene.

Once the cinematic ends, the credits will roll. You’ve now completed Far Cry 6! Congratulations!

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